Our programs create an atmosphere of friendship and love, where each person feels valued and accepted for who they are and for the gift of true friendship they offer.


Every week throughout the school year, we pair Teen Friends together with a child with a disability to meet for one hour per week in the child’s home to experience the joy of fun and friendship on their own terms. These relationships are nurtured and grow into lasting friendships full of meaning and honesty between the three friends and their families. This core program builds the foundation of friendship throughout our community.

Birthday Circle

Every month we create a festive birthday party for Friendship Circle Friends in varying locations throughout the community where all our members and their siblings are encouraged to join! Birthday Circle was created so that children with disabilities can celebrate their birthdays with friends and to participate in other’s celebrations. 

Friends With Pens Pen Pal Program

A Teen Friend is assigned to a friend with a disability and sends them two handwritten letters per month. While the child with a disability is welcome to respond to their friend if they’d like, it is not a requirement.

Community Events

Friendship Circle hosts annual community events raising awareness about disabilities, mental health and inclusion. These events typically occur in February, May, and November.