Building friendships can be challenging.  Friends@Home supports building friendships through a unique “at home” platform. 

Twice a month throughout the school year, we pair two Teen Friends together with a child, teen or young adult with a disability to meet for one hour in the child’s home to experience the joy of fun and friendship on their own terms. These relationships are nurtured and grow into lasting friendships full of meaning and honesty between the three friends and their families. This core program builds the foundation of friendship throughout our community.

Our dedicated staff works with each F@H match to find the right friends and the right times that work for everyone.


Through a thoughtful pairing process, we identify teens with similar hobbies and interests.  We guide the initial introduction and first meetings helping to create a bond that pairs can then foster independently. Together, they can play games, make crafts, play sports, read books, and enjoy activities they both enjoy.


We continue to support these friendships with regular check-ins with the families and teens.  We help everyone communicate, establish clear plans, and support difficult transitions. 


“Friends@Home just makes me happy. I am involved in many aspects of FC, but Friends@Home is the most personal of my experiences. I will always want my friend in my life and look forward to continuing the friendship. ” Teen Friend