Birthday Circle

Children with disabilities are often not invited to birthday parties and may not have friends to enjoy birthday celebrations with. Additionally, the cost of a large party at various locations throughout the community can be cost prohibitive for many families. This is why every month we throw a festive birthday party for our Friendship Circle Friends!

Birthday Circle Events are specifically done in various locations throughout the city with different activities and opportunities for everyone to enjoy. Each event is completely free and has birthday bags, snacks and cupcakes to celebrate all birthdays during that month.

Siblings of our kids with disabilities and our teen friends are invited to join as they too are part of our FCVA family. 

At each Birthday Circe, we have a Sensory quiet room.  We understand that the crowd and loud noises can be overwhelming sometimes, we provide a safe space of all Friendship participants to color and do other quiet activities.

Our Birthday Circle Events have included:

The Science Museum, Love Acres Farm Sanctuary, Mad Science and Music with Healing Sounds, Trampoline Parks, Adaptive Horseback Riding Farms, SPCA, Children’s Museum & more!