Friendship Circle of Virginia is excited to host the 3rd Annual Inclusion Day at the Diamond

Highlighting Disability Inclusion and Mental Health presented by fas mart, on Sunday, May 19, 2024 at 1:35pm

General Information

Why Disability Inclusion Day at the Diamond?

Directions & Parking

Directions to the ball park and accessible parking. 

About Friendship Circle

Building an Inclusive Community One Friendship at a time.

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Exposure to over 150 disability related organization in RVA.

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Parent of a child with disabilities

“Thanks for this! Having a child with Autism can sometimes be difficult when going out 'in public' without others around who 'get it,' who understand that meltdowns can happen and it is not 'bad behavior,' but rather uncontrollable sensory reactions. Other family members have multiple disabilities as well related to mobility, vision, and hearing, and over the years we have invested SO much in activities but we often have to leave early or simply not attend and that became a huge financial burden, so we stopped. Thank you for making this event a possibility for my entire family to enjoy together. Looking forward to some Baseball!“

"Inclusion is a very important part of the Flying Squirrels and we are looking forward to working with Friendship Circle on Disability Inclusion Day.”

"The Friendship Circle and the Flying Squirrels were made for each each other because the Flying Squirrel's slogan is Fun For All and the Friendship Circle lives that every day." - Parney

“The rain did not stop such a wonderful day. And my son who normally does not do well with crowds had the most amazing time. Thank you one thousand times for making this day so special for those who are normally not included.♥️♥️”

“Thanks so much for this day! PG Co. Special Olympics had a super time! We appreciate all of the work of the organization, its members, & volunteers who made this day so special.”

“My son has always dreamed of going to a live baseball game but with Autism, Sensory conditions, ADD, and ADHD it has been difficult up until now. Thank you for doing this! It means the world to so many!“


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