3rd Annual Disability Inclusion Day at the Diamond

Friendship Circle of Virginia is so excited to host the 3rd Annual Disability Inclusion Day at the Diamond – Highlighting Disability Inclusion and Mental Health, on Sunday, May 19, 2024 at 1:35pm. This event is presented by fas mart for the 3rd year in a row.

Disability Inclusion Day at the Diamond highlights the importance of an inclusive community by bringing people with and without disabilities together to experience a baseball game in a supportive, inclusive environment. Friendship Circle of Virginia has added accessibility supports so that people with disabilities and mental health conditions and their loved ones can participate in America’s favorite pastime in an iconic RVA way. Open to the entire RVA community!

Request your free tickets at InclusionDayRVA.com
Highlights Include:
-Increased accessible seating (first come first serve)
-Sensory break bags
-Sensory Zone
-Kids field activities
-ASL services
-Audio Description Services
-Additional quiet space
-Sensory friendly gate
-Closed captioning
-Lower speaker volume
-Dietary Accommodations
-Adult changing area

National Anthem sung by American Idol finalist, Shayy Winn!

Sign up to volunteer: tinyurl.com/Volunteer4DIDD

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